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Mind-blowing Nessa Shine has stepped into the shower, but the rub of the sizzling water on her skin just gets this hard-on longing coed super-hot and horny. Her thumbs roam her slender curves, resting shortly inbetween her thighs. Knowing that she'll never be pleased till she masturbates, Nessa stops the shower and climbs out.After drying off, she wastes no time gliding her thumbs through her yummy muff and permitting her palms to roam up to grope her perky and clip her rock hard nipples. Her fragile rubs are slow and tender as she step by step seduces her body.Soon her button rubdown has sped up to the point that Nessa's breath is coming in short pants. The pooling deep in her tummy grows deeper and deeper the faster she milks her smoothly-shaven pussy, and she knows that it's only a matter of time before she pours out with passion.As her legs grow weak and her orgasm closes in on her, Nessa submerges to the ground and stretches her legs to open her delectable vagina up for her fingers. A few more minutes of intense on her needy fragile button does the trick, and the super-hot coed pours out with the rapture that she has been chasing.As she basks in the afterglow of her release, Nessa can't help but trail her thumbs all over her delicate tummy and mammories as she the quaking aftershocks of her climax.

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