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Pristine Edge and Bambino have just finished their when they head back to his place. Roaming onto the candlelit patio, the duo exchanges a spunky embrace before taking things further. Bambino droplets to his knees and hoists Pristine's miniskirt to find that she isn't wearing any panties. He knows just what to do with this wondrous surprise, so he drowns his face and frigs in Pristine's cream colored hairless honeypot while simultaneously worshiping the mounds of her ass.Soon Bambino has coaxed Pristine out of her dress so that he can love every silky inch of her body. Pressing his lips to her full breasts, Bambino puts his to work suckling and eating her most sensitive spots. Pristine isn't about to be left out of all the fun, though. She unwraps Bambino like his is a gift and then lodges on her knees for a lengthy and antsy meatpipe sucking. Her enthusiasm as she licks and deep-throats Bambino's knob is Second to none, inflaming both of their enthusiasm to even greater heights.With a lusty smile, Pristine rises to her soles and beckons for Bambino to join her as she makes her way to an outdoor couch. Hopping onto the top of the couch, Pristine spreads her gams and likes Bambino's lusty honeypot celebrate before he postures his head at her honeypot and slips home.There's nothing mushy about their sex as Bambino sets a hard fast pace, but Pristine is as desperate as her paramour for the rough friction. Her moans of enjoyment get louder and sexier as she guides Bambino so that he can bring her to a climax, temporarily sating her passion.Now that she's had the edge taken off, Pristine is glad to sit Bambino down on the sofa so that she can climb on his member and go for a juggling stiffie ride. Bambino can't get enough of observing Pristine's jiggly bumpers sway in his face as she nails away at his cock, when he finds that she is notably receptive to having her hard nipples licked.Switching things up yet again, Pristine lingers on her knees while Bambino stands and presses into her from behind. Her sobs of ecstasy pack the quiet night air as she lets her lover's masturbates take her to a magical place of orgasmic delight. With her still zizzing its pleasure, Pristine whips around and uses her forearms and to drive Bambino to a climax of his own. As she feels the blast of her boyfriend's warm cum decorating her boobs, Pristine's entire face lights up in absolute delight.

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